100 Cap Thermo Phen Phen & 100 Cap Fat Blocker & 120 Tablet Carb Block

Manufacturer: NATURE'S RX
List Price: $110.00
YOUR PRICE: $69.99
UPC: 65609110108

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The Weight Loss Super Combo includes Three of the hottest weight loss products on the market: Thermo Phen Phen, Fat Blocker and Carb Block. Buy together and SAVE $ 10.00. These three products can be taken together since they compliment the action of each other. Thermo Phen Phen is the more effective at reducing existing fat stores. Fat Blocker helps reduce the intake of fat and keeps the body from storing more. Carb Block helps blocks the absorption of carbohydrates and reduces sugar cravings. When taken together you should be able to reduce the amount of new fat while decreasing your existing fat stores. These three products together are a powerful way to help decrease body fat.

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